disruption with blockchain

Blockchain - the new game changer
How can you leverage it

How can blockchain help your business

Ethereum, hyperledger,  ripple - which blockchain to consider..

95% of ICO's use Ethereum blockchain

Disruption is here 

We've all seen it:
- WhatsApp killed the SMS revenue for Mobile Operators,
- iPhone killed Blackberry, Microsoft baught Nokia to compete but failed
- Social disrupted traditional advertising business. 


Financial Services

- Bitcoin payments can be made skipping banks and central authorities like Visa/Mastercard
- Abra - company that provides international remittances with 3% charges per transaction compared to the existing 12%+
- Atom - Mobile only bank in UK, with no branches, offers full banking services.



- Driverless cars is in testing stage lead by Uber.
- Self Driving cars for the public
- Soon, self driving planes for airlines
- Self driving taxis
- Dubai's metro is driver less. 


What can you do to mitigate this disruption?

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